More problems on the Elwha

The144-car  Elwha had been set to return to service Saturday morning, but it will not happen. The 90-car Sealth will continue to fill in for the Elwha.

Elwha returns to service


The 144-car ferry Elwha returns to service in the San Juans on Saturday morning. The Elwha was pulled from service more than a week ago and temporarily replaced by the smaller ferry Sealth.

Home sales still light here


Anacortes real estate sales continue to be soft. Sales through the first seven months of this year reflect a soft real estate market, but we are doing much better than the most of the rest of the country.

New Orca calf


The Center for Whale Research says it has discovered a new calf in L pod west of San Juan island. The new calf, designated L111, is the 6th calf of the mother, nicknamed Marina and designated L47. The new calf was first sighted on Tuesday.

Highway 20 improvements ignore pedestrians


Recent improvements along Highway 20 near March Point have entirely eliminated pedestrians and bicyclists from the transportation picture, something one critic calls “absolutely dangerous” and “ridiculous.” 

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