Manager: new Guemes terminal needed

The Operations Manager for the Guemes Ferry says the new ferry terminal that the County Commissioners have authorized is badly needed. Ron Panzero writes, in an email, that a new terminal, priced at $600,000, will ‘finally’ fix an 18-year-old temporary shop.

The King of Methlehem by Mark Lindquist

The King of MethlehemFrom a widely acclaimed author and prominent prosecutor, an electrifying novel that deftly penetrates America's latest and fastest-growing drug epidemic. Mark Lindquist takes us deep into the heart of what has become America's most dangerous drug epidemic, exposing the complex and horrifying lengths to which addicts -- tweekers -- will go for their meth, as well as the extraordinary challenges that society faces in eradicating a nationwide plague.


The Police Blotter

A weekly roundup prepared by the Anacortes Police Department.

Port Commissioners visit marina


Commissioners of the Port of Anacortes got a tour of the new facilities at Cap Sante Marina on Thursday, including the new waterfront promenade.

Beach Expo at Washington Park

This looks like it's going to be a good weekend to visit the beach. Visit the beach with WSU Beach Watchers.If you want to know more about the creatures that are revealed at low tide, then head out to Washington Park's Sunset Beach on Saturday.

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