Police Beat

Police Blotter, July 27 - 29, 2021

An Anacortes Police officer caught up with a man attempting to drive on R Ave with four flat tires after an incident late one night this week.

Police Blotter, July 16 - 21, 2021

In this week's Police Blotter, just a glance down at a cell phone caused a rear-end traffic crash near Sharpes Corner.

Police Blotter, July 10 - 15, 2021

A woman’s late model SUV was damaged, possibly in a road rage incident on highway 20 mid-afternoon on July 13th.

Police Blotter, July 2 - 8, 2021

The Seven-11 building was damaged after a 58-year-old Wyoming man said his foot slid off the brake as he was stopping and accidentally hit the gas pedal.

Pellet struck a man walking on Tommy Thompson Trail

A man walking on the Tommy Thompson Trail near 28th St .and T Ave. Wednesday was apparently struck in the head by a pellet and taken to Island Hospital for evaluation, according to a release from Anacortes Police.

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