Police Beat

Police rounded up two loose dogs after a business owner on Commercial Ave. spotted them running at large near the busy street on Friday, June 18. The dog owner said there were contractors at her house who inadvertently let the dogs out.

Here are some other cases APD reported this week.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Just after midnight on the 12th, a local man contacted APD because he thought that his unlocked car with the keys in it had been stolen sometime since 10PM. With the help of police, the man filled out a vehicle theft report and the report was faxed to 911 Dispatch. The investigating officer later discovered the car nearby, with the keys in it. The officer left a voicemail with the car owner stating that he found the car, noting that nothing was missing or stolen from the car. 

A 34TH Street resident contacted police mid-morning on the 12th to report that she was missing approximately $40 in merchandise that was presumed stolen from her front porch after it was delivered. There are no suspects. 

Over $100 in personal items were reported stolen in a vehicle prowl from an unlocked pickup parked near Anacopper Mine Road. The incident was thought to have occurred sometime during the night of the 11th

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

On the afternoon of the 15th, an APD Officer took a call from a local retailer who said that two people in a pickup pulled up to their dumpster and illegally dumped several bags of trash, then drove off to the north on Commercial Avenue. Officers were unable to locate the involved subjects. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

An SUV driver called police early afternoon on the 16th after she was involved in a fender bender in a local restaurant parking lot. The driver said her car had a scuff on the bumper because she bumped into another SUV that was last seen driving away from the area. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle. 

No one was injured in a car versus electric bike collision at the intersection of 11th and Commercial Avenue early afternoon on the 16th. Investigation revealed that the bike collided with the side of an SUV as it pulled out of a commercial parking lot. The bike rider declined medical attention. The bike and SUV sustained minor damage in the incident. 

A local retail manager called police on the 16th to report graffiti that was painted on the exterior of their building with blue paint. The manager told police that the painting occurred sometime in the last couple of months, but they did not know exactly when it occurred or who was responsible. 

While on their way to a reported two-car collision at 12th and L Avenue on the afternoon of the 16th, 911 dispatch updated officers that a possible fight had broken out at the scene of the accident. Officers stepped up their response and the initial officer on scene contacted the involved drivers to determined what occurred. Investigation revealed that the driver of the involved pickup pulled to the side of the road and was backing up to achieve a better parking spot. An SUV was following closely behind the pickup and the two vehicles struck, causing minor damage to both, but no one was injured. After the collision, the SUV driver, a local 18-year-old, aggressively approached the pickup driver, spit on him, and threatened to harm him for backing into his vehicle. The suspect was taken into custody without incident for assault and later released with a copy of his criminal citation and a ticket for following too close. 

Thursday, June 17, 2021

An antique brass azimuth, a navigational tool, was reported stolen from a local antique shop. The victim said the theft occurred sometime in the previous few days but was unsure exactly when it occurred. The victim further stated that if a suspect can be identified, he would like them to be charged with theft.  

Friday, June 18, 2021

A 25th ST resident called police on Friday to report that her mail was stolen from her unlocked mailbox a week prior. The caller told police that she did some of her own research and determined that mail was delivered, but she did not receive it. She was advised to monitor her financial information and explore obtaining a locking mailbox. 

A West 5th Street resident called police on Friday afternoon because they thought they heard gunshots earlier in the day. An officer responded and spoke with some people who were outside but did not find anything or anyone of note.