Police Beat

Anacortes Police this week recovered a vehicle that had been reported stolen in late February after someone recognized a photo of the stolen vehicle online.

A black Chevy Tahoe was reported stolen to APD on February 23rd. On the 24th, we made a post to our page so the public could be looking out for the vehicle. On April 1st, someone called in because the vehicle was parked in a cul de sac for several weeks and looked out of place in the neighborhood. The recovered Tahoe is another example of the importance of community and police partnerships to ensure public safety. Reference APD case #21-A01147.

Here are some other cases APD reported this week.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Just after 2PM on the 27th, APD Officers were made aware of an older model pickup that was smoking badly and driving erratically as it traveled eastbound on Oakes Avenue, then south on D Avenue. Updates provided to responding officers via dispatch revealed that the pickup had a flat tire. An officer caught up with the pickup at Field Avenue and 32nd Street and observed a man walking from the front of the vehicle, then stumble as he entered via the driver’s side door. The first officer on scene spoke with the man as he sat in the driver’s seat. There was a smell of alcohol coming from the car, and the man’s eyes were watery and bloodshot. Further investigation revealed that the vehicle sustained damage when it hit a retaining wall and shrubbery in the area of the Oakes Avenue roundabout at Glasgow Way. The driver, a 24-year-old from Burlington, was taken into custody for DUI and hit and run. He was later released to a friend.

A local woman called police to report an email scam she had fallen victim to. The woman told the responding officer that she got an email from a friend asking for a $200 Google Play card for her nephew’s birthday. The woman complied with the request and two subsequent requests for additional cards. Later that day, the victim received an email from her friend stating that her account was hacked and the hacker sent the email requesting gift cards. The victim was given the FBI’s internet crime reporting website as the scammer is most likely out of state.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

A rented porta potty on 8th Street was vandalized with graffiti and holes burnt in the walls. The contractor who rented the unit called police to report the incident that occurred sometime between the afternoon of the 27th and the 28th at 5PM. There are no suspects.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Just before 1AM on the 29th, an APD Officer on patrol near Sharpes Corner observed an older model sedan driving slowly as it passed through the roundabout and headed south. The officer also observed the car pass over the fog line and ran the plates of the car which returned to an owner who had a suspended driver’s license. The officer pulled the car over to speak with the 55-year-old Oak Harbor driver. After confirming that the driver was the registered owner, the officer took him into custody. The man was later released at the scene with a copy of his driving while license suspended citation.

A local man called police late night on the 29th to report being involved in a fight with his roommate in his home. Officers responded and spoke with all involved parties and determined that the man who called was the primary aggressor who grabbed his roommate by the neck after the two got into an argument. The 37-year-old man was taken into custody and later booked in jail on a domestic violence assault charge in addition to a malicious mischief charge for damages done to the house in the course of the confrontation.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

A 26-year-old Bellingham man was arrested for driving while license suspended and given a ticket for no ignition interlock on the morning of the 30th. Police encountered the man after he was involved in a two-car, non-injury collision on Oakes Avenue mid-morning on the 30th. The suspect driver was determined to be at fault because he merged onto Oakes Avenue into the side of a passing SUV.  

A 90-year-old Anacortes driver was given a ticket for driving with wheels off roadway for his involvement in a 4-car, minor injury collision on the afternoon of the 30th. The driver was in line at a drive-thru coffee stand on 13th Street when his vehicle accelerated rapidly into the rear of the sedan in front of him, causing the car to strike the side of the business. The at-fault driver’s vehicle continued past the initial collision and struck two additional vehicles before coming to a stop across the street.

Just before 12PM on the 30th, an APD Officer contacted a male and female downtown because he was aware that there was a no contact order in place between the two of them. The woman, a local 29-year-old known to the officer, attempted to run away after she was told she was under arrest for violation of the order. After a brief struggle, the woman was effectively taken into custody. A search incident to arrested yielded some items of interest, including a plastic pen containing drug residue. The woman was later booked in the Skagit County Community Justice Center on a charge of violation of a no contact order, resisting arrest, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

A local woman noticed that her late model luxury SUV was not running well so she brought it to a mechanic to be evaluated. After she was notified that her catalytic converter had been removed, the woman called police to report it. The woman thought the theft may have occurred while the car was parked in her driveway on the west side of town. Investigation continues.

A local woman was given a ticket for failure to yield after she was involved in a two-car, non-injury collision at 11th Street and Commercial Avenue. The woman drove into the path of an oncoming sedan at the intersection and both vehicles sustained reportable damage.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

A local man called police on Wednesday after realizing that a gold coin that he ordered in January was never delivered to his 23rd Street address. The coin vendor had record of the purchase and delivery of the coin, but it was possibly stolen shortly after it was delivered.

Just before 10PM on Thursday, an APD Officer on patrol on D Avenue noticed a hatchback pulled to the side of the road near the intersection of 26th Street so he turned around to see if the driver needed assistance. As the officer turned around, the driver closed the trunk and drove off southbound. The officer pulled the car over after a few blocks because it was not driving straight on the road within the fog and center lines. On contact, the 54-year-old driver told the officer that she had pulled over due to a minor mechanical issue, but did not explain her driving behavior. When asked if she had been drinking, the woman admitted she consumed drinks earlier in the evening and agreed to take roadside sobriety tests. The driver had to use her arms for balance during the tests, then provided a breath sample of over the legal limit to safely operate a motor vehicle. She was taken into custody for DUI and later transported to a local hotel to stay for the night.