Police Beat

A Burlington man was booked in jail after driving erratically and crashing his vehicle in Washington Park.

Just before 5PM on Wednesday, APD Officers responded to Loop Road at Washington Park per several witness accounts of a pickup driving erratically and going off the road into the wooded area approximately one mile into the loop. The first officer on scene observed a pickup that was smoking after striking a tree with its engine revving. The driver, a 35-year-old from Burlington, had noticeably slurred speech when speaking with the officer and there was a partially consumed bottle of vodka on the floor on the passenger’s side of the car. The driver stumbled out of the car and took voluntary sobriety tests, struggling for balance throughout. He was taken into custody for DUI and transported to APD for processing. The driver was later booked in jail due to having a previous DUI in 2019.

Here are some other cases APD reported this week.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

A Skyline Neighborhood resident called police on the 11th to report that sometime overnight a mailbox post was broken off and a passing vehicle destroyed two mailboxes. Small parts of what appeared to be a vehicle headlight remained at the scene, but it was not possible to determine the exact model of the at-fault vehicle. The next day, APD Officers acted on a tip regarding a sedan with damage consistent to striking a wooden post. The vehicle of interest was parked in a local marina parking lot. An APD Corporal was in the area as two people pulled up to the damaged car and began unloading replacement parts to repair the vehicle. After asking some investigative questions, the vehicle owner, a local 51-year-old, was placed under arrest and cited for hit and run, then released at the scene.  

Friday, February 12, 2021

A local man called police from his bank to report that he recently fell victim to a loan fraud. The victim told police that someone called offering him a loan for $3,000 with the stipulation that he had to provide all of his bank account information and send Target gift cards. All told, the victim lost over $3,000. The investigating officer attempted to contact the scammer via the phone number used, but the line was disconnected.

A malicious mischief complaint came in late on the 12th reference a broken window at a building on the 1200 block of 7th Street. The caller thought the incident occurred at approximately 8PM. There did not appear to be an attempt to enter the building and there are no suspects.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

A 46-year-old Rockport man was driving a sedan onto Commercial Avenue on Valentine’s Day morning and got stuck in the snow. An APD Officer on patrol was nearby and stopped to assist the stranded motorist. The driver identified himself, but said he did not have his driver’s license with him. A routine check of the driver’s record revealed that his license was suspended, so the officer took him into custody. He was later released at the scene with his citation and the passenger took over the responsibility of driving the car, now dislodged from the snow, away from the scene.

Monday, February 15, 2021

A local woman called police on Monday morning to report that her older model sedan was stolen sometime over the weekend from an apartment parking lot located on 22nd Street. The vehicle was later located and the owner was made aware of the discovery.

A 39-year-old Anacortes man was arrested by an APD Corporal on Tuesday afternoon on a warrant for possession of drug paraphernalia. The man walked up to a vehicle the Corporal was out with that was parked illegally on Commercial Avenue. The man told police that he had stepped away to get gas for the vehicle and was planning to drive it away once refueled. The man was released on scene and told not to drive the vehicle since it had a registration that expired in April 2019.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Just after noon on Tuesday, an APD Officer responded to SR 20 per the report of a one-car motor vehicle incident. Investigation revealed that the minivan involved in the incident was driving at highway speeds when the hood flew open, causing damage to the hood and windshield. No one was injured in the incident.  

Thursday, February 18, 2021

An APD Officer contacted a woman in her car on 4th Street after receiving notice of a parked and occupied vehicle that seemed suspicious to the caller due to the time of day—1AM. The woman told police that she was recording music for her church since she is not able to sing in her apartment at night.

Friday, February 19, 2021

A 41-year-old Mount Vernon driver was pulled over by an APD Officer mid-morning on Friday because she was driving approximately 15 miles per hour over the posted 30 miles per hour speed limit. The driver provided a copy of her driver’s license and a routine check revealed that it was suspended. She was taken into custody for driving while license suspended and later released with a copy of her citation and a speeding ticket. The licensed passenger later drove the car from the scene.

Just after 8PM on Friday, APD Officers responded to the 800 block of 29th Street to investigate a 911 hang-up call. Dispatchers informed officers that there was an open line and no one was speaking on the other end. Investigation revealed that the person on the other end was a man who was calling because his ex-wife and he got into an argument that turned physical and she struck him in the face multiple times and broke his eyeglasses. The female suspect, a local 31-year-old, was taken into custody and booked in jail on charges of domestic violence assault and malicious mischief.