Police Beat

A Friday Harbor woman was arrested and booked in county jail on multiple charges in connection with her behavior in several Anacortes businesses.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

A woman in her 20’s, possibly under the influence, was refusing to leave a local restaurant and tried to access the kitchen several times, so staff called police for help to move her along. As an officer arrived on scene, the woman exited a car parked in front of the business to speak with him. The officer spoke with the woman briefly about her behavior, and was going to leave, but the woman then entered a nearby business. Concerned that she might continue her erratic behavior, the officer followed the woman into the business and the manager requested assistance from the officer to remove her. The woman did not seem interested in leaving, even after staff and police requested that she move along. When officers told her she was under arrest for trespassing, she became physically combative and struck an officer in the chin with her fist and attempted to break frames hanging on the wall. The 18-year-old Friday Harbor woman was ultimately booked in jail for trespassing, resisting arrest, malicious mischief, and assault.   

Sunday, October 25, 2020

On the morning of the 25th, an APD Officer took a trespassing complaint from a J Avenue resident. The homeowner told police early that morning that a male subject grabbed his door handle, possibly in an attempt to enter his home. The suspect did not successfully enter the home. Later that day, officers took a teenage boy into custody for another case and one of the officers recognized that the clothing and body type were identical to the male involved in this case. The teen now faces a charge for criminal trespassing.   

An Anacortes resident called police early afternoon on the 25th to report that his SUV was stolen from his driveway overnight. The victim told police that the vehicle was left unlocked with the keys in it. The responding officer was aware of a report that came in earlier in the day of a bumper in the roadway near 32nd and H Avenue that may belong to his car. Approximately two hours after the victim reported his car stolen, another APD Officer took a call from a woman who located what she thought was the stolen vehicle. Officers responded to the area where the car was parked and spoke with the teen suspect. Officers located a key fob matching the make of the stolen vehicle and took the teen into custody. The teen was not cooperative with officers and officers had to go hands-on with him to get him into a patrol car. He was later booked in the Skagit County Juvenile Detention Center on charges of taking a motor vehicle without permission and resisting arrest.

Just after noon on the 25th, APD Officers were dispatched to 12th and Commercial per the report of a possible violation of a court order. Investigation revealed that a 57-year-old Anacortes man was in the area and was within a few feet of a protected person in a court order. The order restricts the male from being within 500 feet of the protected person, so he was taken into custody and transported to APD. He was later released with a copy of his paperwork citing him for violation of an anti-harassment order. 

A late model hatchback was prowled sometime between 9:30PM on the 24th and 11:30 AM on the 25th. The owner told police that she thought she locked the car before parking it on 28th Street, but she was not sure. She also told police that whomever accessed the car grabbed her wallet containing her ID and two bank cards from the glove compartment. The woman contacted her bank to eliminate fraudulent charge attempts on her account. There are no suspects.

A 77-year-old Anacortes driver ran the stop sign at O and 22nd Street and struck the rear panel of a sedan driving by on 22nd Street. An APD Officer was directly behind the at-fault driver, so he stopped at the scene to investigate. No one was injured, so the officer facilitated an exchange of insurance information and gave the at-fault driver a ticket for failure to stop at a stop sign.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

A 43-year-old Mount Vernon woman was given a ticket for following too close after she rear-ended a sedan stopped at a stop sign on Commercial Avenue at the 8th Street intersection just after 6:30AM on the 27th. The person in the front vehicle sustained possible injury, but declined medical attention. The at-fault driver said she was fatigued and was not paying attention to her driving.  

Just after 4PM on Tuesday afternoon, an Anacortes Police Corporal observed a small sedan driving west on State Route 20 towards Anacortes at approximately 90 miles per hour. The car turned north on R Avenue, then weaved its way westward through town, continuing its erratic driving patterns in an obvious attempt to elude officers. Due to public safety concerns, officers discontinued their pursuit of the vehicle and lost sight of it in the Skyline area of town. Per a call from a Skyline resident to 911 dispatch regarding suspicious activity, officers discovered that the two occupants later abandoned the car on View Place. The car was impounded as evidence and taken to APD. The people that fled the scene are two adult males known to police. There is no perceived threat to the public at this time.  

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

A political sign owner said the signs he has placed at Skyline Way and Sunset Avenue were vandalized. The victim also told police that a sign he has placed there was stolen.

An $1,150 Honda generator was reported stolen from a local retailer on Wednesday morning. A store representative called police to let them know that their inventory numbers didn’t match up, and he thought the generator was stolen sometime since November 2019. There are no suspects or leads in this case.

A local woman called police after receiving multiple calls from car dealerships in the area who were calling to ask about potential car purchases fraudulently queried in her name. The woman told the responding officer that she placed a freeze on her credit to prevent future attempts. The victim also reached out to a credit agency for guidance. An additional step she was going to take is to contact the Social Security Administration to inform them of the possibly breech of her social security number.

A local woman contacted police to report an online commerce scam and she requested police assistance. The woman was involved in email correspondence with a potential buyer of some appliances and furniture she was attempting to sell online. She later received a check for well over the agreed upon price with instructions to reply with a check for the “overpayment”. The victim sent the “overpayment” check and attempted to deposit the check she received from the alleged purchaser, but was later informed that the funds were not available to cover the amount.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

A 74-year-old Anacortes man received a ticket for improper lane usage after he merged into the path of a small sedan after exiting the Sharpes Corner Roundabout, heading east towards Burlington. No one was injured, but both vehicles sustained over $1,000 in damage because of the collision.