Police Beat

A resident on the west side of the city found over 200 pieces of mail belonging to 134 Anacortes recipients in various parts of the city. 

The resident called police and handed over a garbage bag brimming with soggy mail and packages on Monday, Oct. 11. The items were sort and handed over to USPS for additional delivery attempts. Please call the non-emergency dispatch line at (360) 428-3211 to speak with an officer if you have relevant video surveillance of mail theft and reference case number 20-A06715. 

This is also a good opportunity to remind Anacortes residents to secure your mail in a locked box when possible and retrieve your mail and packages as soon as possible after delivery to prevent theft incidents. Also, a reminder that the US Postal Service delivers certain types of mail and packages on weekends, including Sundays.

Here are some other cases APD reported this week.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

A 34th Street resident called police on the 10th to report that sometime overnight, there was an attempt to open her locked car that was parked in the carport. The reporting party shared a surveillance video clip with the officer, but the person in the video was not discernable. 

An orange fiberglass ladder, a red men’s K2 brand mountain bike, and a red gas can were stolen from a carport on 8th Street sometime during the night of the 9th. There are no suspects. 

Sunday October 11, 2020

Some political signs were stolen from a home along Oakes Avenue sometime overnight on the 3rd. The victim told the responding officer that the signs would cost him $60 to replace. The victim also suggested that he thought the theft may be part of an organized effort spanning multiple cities. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Animal Control Officer responded to a business on South Marches Point Road late morning on the 13th per the report of six hens that were released on company property. Six is a crowd, so employees were in the process of capturing the hens and bringing them to a local farm. 

An APD Officer at Q and 22nd Street observed a small sedan driven by a local man known to have a suspended driver’s license. In fact, the man was arrested for the driving offense in July, August, and September. He was pulled over, arrested, and cited for driving while license suspended. The man’s car was impounded and he was released at the scene. 

Two bottles of vodka were stolen from a local grocery store on the evening of the 13th, so store staff contacted police to investigate. An officer went to the store and confronted a 55-year-oldAnacortes woman about bottles concealed in a large bag she was carrying. The woman removed the bottles from her bag and said that her husband who was with her was planning to pay for the items while she went to the restroom. Video surveillance of the woman concealing the bottles in her handbag told a different story. The woman was arrested and cited for theft. 

An APD Sergeant on patrol on 12th Street observed a woman known to police drive her older model coupe on D Avenue late evening on the 13th. The Sergeant pulled the car over and arrested the 28-year-old driver after discovering that her license was suspended due to an unpaid ticket from 4 years prior. She was given a courtesy transport home and released with a copy of her citation. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

A sedan with two broken taillights was pulled over by an APD Officer just after 5AM on the 14th. The driver, a 33-year-old Mount Vernon man, was taken into custody after a routine investigation on the status of his driver’s license revealed that it was suspended. The man was later released at the scene. 

An APD Officer on patrol on South Marches Point Road ran the plates on an older model sedan. The license check revealed that the car was sold in June, but the title had not been transferred so the officer pulled the car over. The driver, a 26-year-old man from Ferndale, said he was aware that he had to transfer the title and had been recently cited for the same offense by law enforcement. Further investigation revealed that the driver had a suspended license, so he was arrested and cited for failure to transfer title and driving while license suspended. The driver was released and the licensed vehicle passenger drove the car from the scene. 

A local woman did not give personal information to fraudsters claiming to represent a law enforcement agency in Texas. When the caller threatened arrest if she did not provide her personal information, the woman called APD. The responding officer attempted to call the number provided by the woman, but it was no longer in service. Though the woman did not provide additional personal identifying or financial information, she was educated on protecting her accounts and personal info. 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

A folding knife, employee ID badges, and a checkbook were forcibly stolen from an SUV parked in the 900 block of 34th Street sometime overnight on the 14th, per the victim’s statement to police. The SUV owner told police that the suspect broke out his driver’s window to gain access to the items. There are no suspects. 

City of Anacortes Parks and Recreation staff called police mid-morning on the 15th to report an aggressive large breed dog belonging to a person camping at Washington Park. The dog was running loose when the Animal Control Officer arrived, and she was able to coax the dog into a car at the campsite. The ACO explained the reason for contact when the dog owner returned shortly thereafter. 

An APD Corporal investigated a traffic complaint late morning on the 15th involving a late model SUV that struck a light pole at R Avenue and 22nd Street. The driver of the vehicle was checked at the scene by medical personnel and later released to the care of a physician. When the driver was speaking with the Corporal he noticed that she had to hold onto her vehicle to keep her balance and her eyes were very droopy. The driver admitted that she had some vodka that day, but could not remember how much. She took some voluntary field tests, including a breath test with a result of nearly four times the legal limit to operate her car. The driver was arrested and charged with DUI. 

Friday, October 16, 2020

Just after midnight on the 16th, an APD Officer on patrol saw an older model SUV with expired registration tabs so he pulled the care over to speak with the driver, a local 66-year-old man. The man was taken into custody after the investigating officer discovered that he had a suspended license and three warrants out of the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office for driving while license suspended. The jail would not accept on the man’s warrants, so he was released at the scene with a copy of his charging paperwork. 

A man got into a verbal argument with his mother after his cat peed on the wall. Police officers spoke with the 24-year-old man and his mom about what occurred. Both gave similar accounts of the cat’s actions, followed by the mother planning to put the cat outside, and the son getting physical with his mom and grabbing her by the arms as he called her derogatory names. The son was taken into custody for domestic violence assault and booked in jail on his charge. 

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