Police Beat

A man and woman contacted police early evening on August 6th to report a road rage incident that occurred in the downtown business district.

The couple stated that they were tailgated by a pickup truck as they drove along Oakes Avenue towards Commercial Avenue. The pickup continued to follow them to the stop sign at 11th and Q. While stopped at the intersection, heated words were exchanged between the two vehicle occupants and the pickup driver pulled out a handgun, then drove off. The driver of the pickup continued southbound on R Avenue. The license plate provided by the reporting party did not match the make or model of the pickup described in the incident. Investigation continues.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

A Sharpes Corner roundabout motor vehicle accident resulted in two vehicles with reportable damage after the at-fault vehicle entered the roundabout without yielding to SUV exiting the intersection to travel south towards Oak Harbor. The 71-year-old Seattle driver was given a ticket for failure to yield.

A woman called police early afternoon on the 1st because her husband went to the grocery store and was not coming back as soon as expected and did not answer his phone. After the woman hung up with 911 dispatch, her husband returned her call and no officer response was warranted.

A 55-year-old Anacortes man was arrested and booked in jail on a DUI charge, his second since 2012, on the evening of the 1st. An APD Officer on patrol on R Avenue pulled the man over because his older model pickup had a broken tail light and did not use its turn signal when turning onto 28th Street, then Q Avenue. As the officer pulled in behind the driver, he stumbled out of his car and the investigating officer had a hard time understanding his slurred speech when trying to determine if he was safe to drive his pickup. A routine check on the male revealed that he had a suspended driver’s license and an arrest warrant. He was taken into custody and booked in jail on the above-mentioned charges.

A 33rd Street resident called police late evening on the 1st to report a woman yelling and screaming profanities. The responding officer spoke with the screaming subject who said the movie she was watching was very intense and she was practicing her vulgarities. She was asked to practice a little quieter.

A resident near the Cap Sante viewpoint called police just before midnight on the 1st to report a group of people gathering near the viewpoint, though the area is closed after 10PM. The responding officer did not locate the group or a vehicle thought to be associated with the group.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

A local convenience store representative called police early evening on the 2nd to report that someone in the store attempted to pass a fake $50 bill. An officer responded and spoke with the customer who had the bill to determine where she got it. The officer was able to track down where the woman got the bill, but the person who gave it to her did not realize that it was fake and did not know where the bill originated.

Just before midnight on the 2nd, APD Officers investigated a noise complaint on 13th Street late night on the 2nd. Officers spoke with several juveniles at the home, including a 17-year-old female who took a voluntary breath test that resulted in a positive reading. She was connected to education and intervention services in the community through the Education Citation program. All other teens on scene were released to a sober adult.

Monday, August 3, 2020

APD Officers were dispatched to Washington Park just after 3AM on the 3rd after a report of a man possibly unconscious sitting in a pickup truck. Aid personnel arrived first and in the course of their check on the man, he attempted to drive off in his vehicle. When the first police officer arrived on scene, the driver was seated in the ambulance for medical evaluation. The man’s lethargic actions, poor balance, and droopy eyes led officers to believe that he was under the influence. He attempted to leave the ambulance but rather was taken into custody for DUI. He was transported to the hospital for an evidentiary blood draw and left in the care of hospital staff due to his level of intoxication.

A woman called police on the 3rd to report that approximately a week prior, she left her backpack in a restaurant at a local business and returned a few hours later to discover that her backpack was still in place, but several electronics were missing. Investigation continues.

At 2PM on the 3rd, a Radio Flyer Wagon was reported stolen from Sandra Court. The victim later called to report that the $100 wagon was recovered after a response to a post on social media.

APD Officers were unable to locate the suspect in a malicious mischief domestic violence case they investigated on the afternoon of the 3rd. Per the victim’s statement, her ex-husband kicked and dented her vehicle during a brief verbal argument at the ferry terminal. The investigating officer filled out a citation for malicious mischief domestic violence that was sent to the court for mailing.

A 19-year-old Anacortes woman turned herself in on two arrest warrants for DUI and possession of a dangerous weapon respectively. The jail agreed to accept her on her warrants so she was transported to the jail in Mount Vernon and booked.

A local man called police to report that he paid an online seller for a camera lens that was never sent. The man did not wish to pursue charges, but wanted the police to know about the incident.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

The Animal Control Officer responded to 30th Street per the report of a rooster at a residence there. The homeowner confirmed that he owned a rooster and was advised to re-home it within a week since roosters are not permitted in the city.

A 38th Street resident called police to report that he thought some camping gear was stolen from the alleyway behind his house while he was packing up his vehicle to go camping. A while later, the man called back after he found the items he thought were stolen.

A local woman called police to report that $10 worth of flowers were cut from her garden. An officer attempted to contact a subject possibly associated with the theft, but was unsuccessful. The victim stated that she did not want to pursue the matter criminally.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

A 5th Street resident was unable to provide any suspect information to police for a political sign theft incident. The sign cost the victim $10 to purchase.

A 44-year-old Mount Vernon driver was pulling a loaded trailer behind the pickup he was driving northbound on Anacopper Mine Road towards Oakes Avenue. When the driver realized he would not be able to stop in time for the intersection, he turned off the roadway and struck a light pole that collapsed and wires were suspended across Oakes Avenue. The driver experienced some soreness after the collision. He was given a $190 ticket for driving too fast for conditions.

A local car dealership called police to report that a customer-owned travel trailer for sale on their car lot was entered unlawfully and someone deployed a fire extinguisher within the trailer causing an undetermined amount of damage.

An APD Officer investigated a two-car, non-injury collision at 15th and Q late morning on the 6th. The 78-year-old at-fault driver was given a ticket for failure to yield because he pulled out onto Q from Seafarers and struck the side of a small sedan driving southbound causing reportable damage to it.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Just before 2AM on Friday morning, APD Officers were dispatched to a violation of a court order call. An APD Corporal on patrol near the address of the call followed the suspect’s vehicle to a nearby parking lot and spoke with the 33-year-old male while another officer spoke with the reporting party. It was determined that the man arrived at the protected person’s home and knocked on the door despite being served with a no contact order the day prior.