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The Operations Manager for the Guemes Ferry says the new ferry terminal that the County Commissioners have authorized is badly needed. Ron Panzero writes, in an email, that a new terminal, priced at $600,000, will ‘finally’ fix an 18-year-old temporary shop.

The plan is to build a new two-story terminal building with a larger shop and purser’s area, on land, which will take a few parking spaces. The terminal is currently on the pier.

“The reason for taking the entire terminal building and other building's off of the dock area is that we have some corrosion issues with the pre-stressed concrete girders that support the area where all the building are located,” Panzero said.

Panzero outlined benefits, “A purser’s office that will have 2 separate spaces so that the daily shift change that occurs can be done away from the noise and bustle of the employee break room. This will also allow all pursing requirements to be in one central and separate location thus improving our security and accuracy.”

The passenger waiting area will be the same size, but will have more seating due to the configuration of the new building. Spare parts, which is currently stores in outbuildings, will be in the lower part of the planned two-story terminal.

One change will improve security, “The crew quarters will be located on the second floor and over looking the vessel. Having this ability to see the vessel at all times is anticipated to be a Homeland Security issue in the near future.”

The County’s proposal is currently before the City Planning Commission, which has scheduled a site visit this Wednesday at 5 pm.

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