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Just in time for summer. A new smoothie place has opened in downtown Anacortes. Island Smoothie is a now a week old, after what they call a ‘soft opening.’

Owner Patricia Fleischer recruited her sister Sinda LaFon to come up from Arizona to join her in opening Island Smoothie. Fleischer said it had been her dream to open for several years. In fact, she said, she and her husband were planning it four years ago, but he took ill. After he died she called her sister and minced her to move lock, stock and barrel to Anacortes.

They have a selection of smoothies, including a pretty wide selection of fruits and vegetables, including kale, cucumber, celery and spinach (ugh), as well as strawberry, banana, pineapple blueberry and raspberry (yum). Their favorite: the Island Smoothie, with papaya, mango, strawberry, pineapple, coconut milk, non-fat yogurt and ice.


Patricia (that's her on the right), who runs the place, said she’ll schedule a Grand Opening a few weeks down the road, after making sure things run smoothly. She said her first week included her soft-serve machine quitting on her. Her sister, Sinda, claims to be the back-of-the-shop person.

Island Smoothie is at 915 Fifth Street, just off of Commercial Ave. Their Web site has their menu.