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An Anacortes pharmacist’s license has been suspended indefinitely and his pharmacy license suspended for 5 years for distributing expired drugs, compounding medicine in an unclean area, sanitation concerns, and other issues that put patients at risk.

The Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission and the state Department of Health took action against John M. Thompson and Fidalgo Pharmacy Services, Inc., also known as Medicap Pharmacy. This suspension order follows an immediate suspension issued in November on these charges.

Thompson and his pharmacy, Fidalgo Pharmacy Services, Inc., broke multiple rules and regulations that placed the public at a high risk for patient harm. The pharmacy had stock that was outdated and deteriorated. It was accepting controlled substances returned from nearby nursing home facilities. The pharmacy’s compounding logs were incomplete and a non-sterile area was used for compounding of inhalation and irrigation solutions.

Prescriptions found in the will-call area had expiration dates on the labels that didn’t match the dates on the manufacturer’s packaging. The facility had several infection control and sanitation problems. Thompson didn’t address these deficiencies after previous inspections.

Thompson’s credential is suspended until he completes training, pays a $5,000 fine, and meets other requirements of the order. He will also be on probation for 5 years if his license is reinstated.

The pharmacy license of Fidalgo Pharmacy Services Inc. is suspended for 5 years.

Thompson’s pharmacist license and Fidalgo’s pharmacy license were immediately suspended on Nov. 7, 2013. The order completes the legal action that started with that initial suspension.

The documents can be seen online by clicking “Look up a health care provider” on theDepartment of Health website. Copies can also be requested by calling 360-236-4700. That number can also be used to file complaints against health care providers in Washington.

The Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission regulates pharmacists in Washington. The commission establishes, monitors, and enforces qualifications for licensing, consistent standards of practice, continuing competency mechanisms and discipline. Rules, policies and procedures promote the delivery of quality health care to state residents.