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Date: Saturday, December 10, 2022 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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THE UNKNOWNS - The Unknowns are a 5-piece all-female band from Bellingham, WA. While singing with the blues/Americana band Alex Ashley and The Resolve, the three vocalists – Caitlin BoWell, tenor guitar, Kim Bowman, keyboard, Allison Bowman, ukulele – bonded over a love of The Good Lovelies, Peggy Lee, and Imelda May. Eager to make more music of their own, they began writing original songs and harmonies and formed The Unknowns in late 2018, when they joined with Melanie Sehman (drums) and Sarah Yates (upright bass). Their unique brand of entertainment fuses tight three-part harmony and sultry vocals with cheeky lyrics and smart original songs that will make you want to laugh out loud and sing along. The Unknowns have gained a loyal following with their blend of jazz, blues, and contemporary music, and more. They are not new to performing – Kim was pianist and singer for a 20-piece big band, The Swing Connection, and sang in a jazz quartet, Kim Bowman and The Paul Sorensen Quartet, performed as a classical pianist and solo jazz pianist and singer; Sarah plays in Nuages, a gypsy jazz band featuring music of Django Reinhardt, MANtrio, Whatcom Sound Jazz Singers and more; Melanie is in MANtrio, Cat Valley, a Seattle based band, Whatcom Sound Jazz Singers, Bellingham Symphony and more.