Student vaping on campus becoming a serious problem here

Anacortes school administrators are looking for ways to reduce significant on-campus student use of cannabis products, including vaping, which have made some students ill. A few students here have had to be taken to the Emergency Room.

As Pandemic-Era Medicaid Provisions Lapse, Millions Approach a Coverage Cliff

States are trying to reach millions of Medicaid enrollees to make sure those still eligible remain covered and help others find new health insurance.

Anacortes Galleries open for monthly Art Walk

Several Anacortes art galleries, as well as other businesses, will be open Friday night for the monthly first-Friday Art Walk. Here's a list...

City planners are questioning the point of parking garages

As many cities grapple with the housing crisis, some places are rewriting regulations and finding creative ways to repurpose these hulking masses of concrete that suck up valuable real estate.

Police Blotter, January 20 - 26, 2023

Anacortes Police officers were called to what was reported to be an altercation at a homeless camp on T Avenue.

US is spending record amounts servicing its national debt – interest rate hikes add billions to the cost

The US spent $213 billion paying interest on the national debt in the fourth quarter of 2022 as the Fed jacked up borrowing costs at an unprecedented pace.