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Police Blotter, October 9 - 14, 2017

Early Tuesday, APD Officers arrived in the parking lot of a local grocery store per the report of a woman passed out at the wheel of a sedan that was running and in gear, lurching forward.

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Fog-Induced Yellow Traffic Light

Winter is coming.” That is the motto and subtheme in an exceedingly popular TV show.

2015 1119 6 main entrance

The School Board Wednesday night approved moving ahead with the design development stage of the high school renovation project, based on the schematic designs. Take a look here at the designs here.

 2015 1119 2 campus site plan

Overall high school site plan. Parking in front of the school will be expanded. Bus drop-off and loading will be in a separate lot to the west of the main parking. North is up.

2015 1119 1 ahs east building

The site plan for the new 2-story East Building, to be constructed on the west section of the current War Memorial Field. An outdoor plaza and amphitheater will separate the new building from the current building. Note the outdoor commons plaza. North is to the right. 

2015 1119 3 ahs east site

The schematic layout of the top floor of the East Building. North is to the right.

2015 1119 4 ahs east ground

The schematic layout of the ground floor of the East Building. North is to the right.

2015 1119 5 ahs west

The schematic layout of the renovated West Building, including Brodniak Hall and the gym. North is to the right.

2015 1119 6 main entrance

A view of what the main entrance to the school (and the East Building) could look like. This is a schematic view, not an architectural drawing, which will come later.


ProPublica Illinois Begins Regular Publishing, Announces New Partnerships

by ProPublica ProPublica Illinois, the first regional publishing operation of the nonprofit newsroom ProPublica, launched today with...