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Cooke fined for violations at Bainbridge Island net pens

Without water quality protections in place, Cooke Aquaculture Pacific (Cooke) has repeatedly cleaned dirty equipment and discharged polluted wastewater into Puget Sound. Cooke operates commercial Atlantic salmon net pens in Washington state.

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2015 0704 parade1

Flags were in abundance in our Fourth of July Parade this year. These carried by the Boy Scouts...

2015 0704 parade2

Fire Chief Richard Curtis doesn't usually drive a fire engine. And, he didn't drive this restored old one. It was towed...

2015 0704 parade3

There was music by the Skagit Community Band. We're still missing a real marching band. Isn't that a must for the Fourth?

2015 0704 parade4

The Twisted Pixies are always entertaining...this year riding horses through a dance routine. There was even a pooper-scouper following them...

2015 0704 parade5

Bill Wooding and friends brought some of his military vehicles to the parade...

2015 0704 parade6

I knew it would be dicey trying to photograph bubbles...

2015 0704 parade7

I walked the parade route and found Police Chief Bonnie Bowers reminding those heading into the parade only to throw candy when stopped; not to throw from a moving vehicle.


The Taking

by T. Christian Miller, ProPublica, and Kiah Collier and Julián Aguilar, The Texas Tribune ...