Police Beat

Police Blotter, January 22 - 26, 2017

Anacortes Police officers wondered what was going on when they discovered the back door of the police station was blocked.

Police Blotter, January 13 - 20, 2017

In a bizarre case, police contacted a man who was waving a flag and walking in the median of highway 20 near Reservation Road.

Police Blotter, January 7 - 11, 2017

An Anacortes woman was booked at Skagit County Jail for violating an anti-harassment court order after sending multiple text messages to a local man.

Police Blotter, December 23 - 29, 2016

There were several cases here of packages stolen off porches over the holidays, but one thief is in for a surprise when they open the package they stole.

Police Blotter, December 17 - 22, 2016

A handcuffed arrestee led police on a brief foot chase which prompted police to hobble his legs to prevent another chase.