Police Beat

Police Blotter, March 3 - 10, 2017

As if to demonstrate that meth drug use is a problem in Anacortes, two meth cases are in this week’s police blotter.

Police Blotter, February 25 - March 2, 2017

Anacortes Police arrested and charged a woman with multiple counts in connection with drugs after discovering heroin in a needle and meth in her backpack.

Police Blotter, February 18 - 24, 2017

A local couple contacted police this week to report several thousand dollars worth of collectables and jewelry missing from their storage unit.

Police Blotter, February 11 - 17, 2017

A woman who said her husband assaulted her during an argument while stopped along highway 20 was picked up by a passerby and taken to Island Hospital for treatment.

Police Blotter, February 3 - 9, 2017

Police arrested and charged a man with DUI and hit-and-run in connection with hitting a building in his pickup, driving across a residential lawn and then through a commercial alleyway.

Police Blotter, January 28 - February 2, 2017

Anacortes Police arrested a mail thief and recovered more than 500 pieces of mail and packages that had apparently been stolen from 140 people, most of them from Anacortes.