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Teru Lundsten is a writer and personal historian who lives on Fidalgo Island. Check out her website at TeruLundsten.com.

Jeff Martin: A good father


It’s a long way from Idaho to Anacortes, at least by Jeff Martin’s route. It’s been a bumpy ride from his grandmother’s kitchen, the only place he felt comfort and stability as a child, to the professional kitchen of the Majestic Inn.

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Shereen Jurdi: A fine balance


In one breath Shereen Jurdi says, “My health is perfect now.” In another she says, “My whole aorta is weak.”

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Marie Webster: It smells like home


Sea breezes blow in Beirut and Anacortes, but somehow they are different, says Marie Webster. She loves both places, but her heart is torn between the two. The family she was born into lives in one, and the family she created lives in the other.

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Bob Parmley: It’s nothing, really


Noel Redding, Jimi Hendrix’s Caucasian bassist, had a huge Afro in 1970, and so did Bob Parmley. He still does.“It’s never been a thing with me,” says Bob. “It’s not a statement.” He just doesn’t get his curly hair cut very often.

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Norm Johnston: Doing what he loves

Norm Johnston's memory stretches back to when he was eighteen months old. "My dad used to put me on his shoulders," he recalls, "and walk across the field to Hansen's Grocery Store."

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