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Teru Lundsten is a writer and personal historian who lives on Fidalgo Island. Check out her website at TeruLundsten.com.

Wild Thyme: What’'s for dinner


"You can keep yourself healthy by eating well," says Mary Revello of Wild Thyme. The Anacortes resident and personal chef practices what she preaches, but she also prepares healthy and delicious meals for others in their homes.

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Blake Thomson: A caring clown


“Everyone who is sick has a part of them that’s not sick,” says Blake Thomson, “and I try to find it.” The Anacortes resident volunteers as a hospital caring clown, DR StumbleMore.

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Trestle Coffee Company: Coffee with a Cause


Dave Crumbo, co-owner of Trestle Coffee Company on March Point Road, sees his business as both a local and international social venture. It’s a comfortable place to sit and drink a superb latté, but it also helps children around the world.

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The finest model Porsche


“I see a lot of beautiful cars,” says Jeff Malone, owner of Import Autosport on March Point Road. “But I always had a soft spot for this one.” Last year, he finally purchased the pristine 1977 Porsche 911S from Sally and Bruce Mauser.

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Rockfish Grill: Old Sebastes fares swimmingly


When Rick Star and two other men decided to open the Rockfish Grill and Anacortes Brewery almost 10 years ago, they chose the name because the word “rockfish” inspired a lot of creativity. “Ideas popped up,” says Rick – like the character Old Sebastes.

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