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Teru Lundsten is a writer and personal historian who lives on Fidalgo Island. Check out her website at TeruLundsten.com.

Jeff Morris: A wonk and then some

2010-1025_jeff_morris.jpgRunning for his 8th term in the state legislature, Democratic Representative Jeff Morris is a self-described wonk. That, he believes, is just one of the reasons he should be re-elected.

The word “wonk” first appeared in our vocabulary in 1918, and its definition has evolved since then. Now it refers to someone who is an expert in their field, who studies issues thoroughly, and knows the technical details of implementing a political policy.

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Kristine Lytton: Another kind of work

2010-1022_kris_lytton.jpgA product of her upbringing, Kristine Lytton worked hard as a child on a farm, and she still works hard. Her latest effort is running for the state legislature as a Democrat.

Kris was born in 1960 in Litchfield, Illinois, the second of JoElla and Jim Alderson’s 3 children. Jim worked for the Illinois highway department, and JoElla worked as a bookkeeper for a farm supply company.

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Mike Newman: A regular working guy

2010-1018_mike_newman.jpg“Blue collar workers are the least represented group of people in Olympia,” says Mike Newman, Republican candidate for state representative. He wants to change that, and feels he is qualified to do so because, he says, “I’ve been a blue collar worker for most of my life.”

Born in 1953 in Raymond, Washington, Mike is the eldest of Neena and Don Newman’s three children. When Mike was two years old, the family moved to Tacoma, where Don was hired by Pacific Northwest Bell (now Qwest).

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Greek Islands: Opa!!!!


“Greek cuisine is supposed to be the healthiest cuisine in the world,” says Anna Chondroyannos, who owns the Greek Islands restaurant with her husband Emmanuel, known as Manolis.

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Watermark Book Company: A Place of Distinction


“I always wanted to own a bookstore,” says Patti Pattee, owner of Watermark Book Company. Now Watermark is an integral part of downtown Anacortes, and she hopes that it always will be.

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