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Teru Lundsten is a writer and personal historian who lives on Fidalgo Island. Check out her website at TeruLundsten.com.

Bela Berghuys: Wine and wittekool schotel


Contrary to popular local opinion, the Skagit Valley does not resemble the Netherlands, says Bela Berghuys, owner of the Islands Inn and the Petite Wine Bar in Anacortes.

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Le Crema Cakes: Second to none


Le Crema Cakes brings a taste of Italy to downtown Anacortes, and owner Erin Yount ensures that every detail is authentic.

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Frida’s: Visual and culinary art


Frida’s, which opened in July in downtown Anacortes, offers both gourmet Mexican food and, by osmosis, art history lessons. The restaurant pays homage to the art of Frida Kahlo, say Martin Arias (left) and Alejandro Muñoz.

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Anthony Young: My Mayberry


Anthony Young moved to Anacortes 2 years ago from the South, where he had lived all his life. Now he wonders, “What took me so long to get here?”

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Peter Belknap: A one-man show


Peter Belknap is easy to spot at The Market, the grocery store located at 16th & Commercial in Anacortes, where he is known as “Chef Peter.” A tall man already, he is heightened by his toque.

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