Jack Hartt is Park Manager of Deception Pass State Park. 

Big Cedar Trail

Big Cedar Trail

Some of the wonders of Deception Pass are obvious, such as the power of the waters churning through the Pass itself, the historical treasures of the CCC structures, the cathedral forests of old growth at Hoypus and North Beach, and the beauty of the diverse beaches ready for exploration and discovery.

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Is the Beach Better?

 beach after

"What was wrong with having a rock wall at the beach?" a member of a local service club asked me during a presentation I was making. I had a picture of the new beach up on the screen. For a second I thought he was joking.

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New Deception Pass book

2016 0914 deception passExploring Deception Pass captures my experiences and reveries about the park.

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Hope Island Burning

Park, DNR, and District 13 firefighters try to stop the advancing flames on Hope Island.

I was heading to a team meeting Thursday afternoon with watermelon for the park staff when a park neighbor called me to report seeing smoke in the grass meadow of Hope Island. 

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Rosario Classroom a Fun Place

2016 0716 blog 600

The Rosario Field Classroom is OPEN to the Public Saturdays and Sundays from 12-4pm. Spread the word!

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