Deception Pass Current

Jack Hartt is Park Manager of Deception Pass State Park. 

Deception Pass State Park: 94 years old

2016 0310 deception pass

It's not often you get to say Happy Birthday to a 94 yearold. Your chance to sing and blow out candles comes on March 23, when Deception Pass celebrates its 94th year as a Washington State Park.

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No Park is an Island

Parks have been called "Islands of Hope", refuges for protecting our environment, our diverse cultural heritages, our adventurous spirits, and our sanity.

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Change is Coming

2015 1010 deception pass park

Sometimes I forget that change is constant. Our planet, our lives, our health, our relationships, our economy, our pocketbooks, our weather, our tides, our hopes and dreams–they all change, year by year, day by day, even minute by minute.

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A Winter Storm in Summer

2015 0909 hartt blog 600
We knew it would blow. Park staff warned our Friday night campers of the coming wind storm predicted to hit us the next day, and that we may have to close the campground.

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Tree Harvesting, Naturally

2015 0305 jack hartt

They are still busy as... Our Cranberry shoreline continues to be modified by local beavers. This tree was felled by their lumber and kitchen crew a couple weeks ago on the north shore of the lake, next to the road, just west of the campground entrance.

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