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Cranberry Lake Swim Beach Closed Again


Oh those geese. Just like the summer of 2012, Cranberry Lake has been closed to swimming, effective August 4, due to high levels of fecal coliform.

Kiket Island now open

After four years of planning how to best protect this special place, Kiket Island is now open to the public, at any time of the day.

The “Not So Sweet” Side of Sugar


I knew that my next article would cover sugar, as in added sugars, but after watching the documentary, Fed Up, I realized there needs to be more education on distinguishing the different types of sugar.

It’s time for grown-up Show & Tell!

2014-0509-teruDo you remember when you hauled a treasured possession to elementary school and told your friends why you loved it so much? Now you have the chance to share on a whole different level with Show & Tell for grown-ups.

The Disgrace of Misinformation, Conclusion


In this series we explored the disgrace of the fad diet, nutritional supplement, and food industries; thus it is my hope you are better informed and therefore better equipped to make healthier choices.